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Fielder of dreams: becoming an Australian champion

by theweightliftingplatform

Amber Fielder — the 15-year-old, 55kg Australian weightlifter based out of LG Barbell Club — is on the rise. Like a lot of people, Amber came to weightlifting through Crossfit, which she discovered when she was just 11. After her dad, Shaun, convinced her to try a weightlifting competition, she fell in love with the sport and hasn’t stopped since. It’s now been four years since Amber first picked up a barbell, which gives her more experience than most in her category.

Amber recently qualified for her first ever international comp, and with it the opportunity to represent her country out on the platform. The rising star’s performance at the Controlled Chaos Classic — hitting 55/68 — secured her the exact total she needed to book her spot on the green and gold team for the Oceania Championships in Samoa on July 9.

Amber has only competed above state level once. So, understandably, the upcoming comp is a bit nerve wracking for her, especially because her personal coach will not be attending and she has to put her trust into the selected Australian team coach.

“At the end of the day, the mental game is something I really lack,” Amber told The Weightlifting Platform. “Sure, I can lift the weights and whatever [but] sometimes I get to a competition and I’m like, I just can’t do this.”

Knowing that she has time and that she is still young, Amber is pacing herself. But this 15-year-old young gun is willing to put in the work — in and out of the gym — to reach her goals.

Training seven or eight sessions a week can be hard to balance with school, social life and high-level competition. But Amber has put strategies in place to ensure she can stay on top of everything.

“I’ve chatted with my teachers and they have agreed to help me out with my time management,” she said.

Amber knows that weightlifting can be a tough and demanding sport. Competing at an elite level requires sacrifice, and sometimes that means saying no to friends. Amber recalls the particularly difficult decision to knock back her mates when they invited her to a trendy new burger place (as fellow burger lovers, we here at The Weightlifting Platform can empathise).

Since her first competition in late 2017 — where she hit a 32kg snatch and a 42kg clean and jerk — Amber Fielder has grown, both physically and mentally, and is now a true threat on the national platform. Given that she still has two more years of growing left to do in her age category (under 17), she’s going to be a formidable presence on the international platform too.

“I’m just going to take it as it comes, there will be different opportunities available with other competitions. I would love to represent Australia again, if that’s possible,” Amber said. “The plan for this competition is to focus on myself and my performance. The goal isn’t to podium or any of that. It’s great if it happens but my thing is to just have a solid performance.”

Good luck to Amber. We will be following up after her competition in Samoa for her results and reactions. So stay tuned.

You can follow Amber on Instagram @amberfielderrr to follow her progress.

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