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New kid on the block

by theweightliftingplatform

There’s a new kid in town and she has dominated in her last two competition. If you haven’t seen Katrina Smith lift yet, make sure you get around to it.

Kat recently moved from Canada to Melbourne with her boyfriend Ben Borg and has taken to the platform twice in the last two weeks. First, she snatched 85kg and clean & jerked 103kg to win best overall female lifter at the VWA qualifier event on July 13. Her performance at this comp is what initially put Kat on our radar. Then she immediately backed it up with another massive performance, winning Western Warriors on July 20.

We at The Weightlifting Platform kept asking, “who is this lifter and where did she come from?!”.

In 2018, Kat was ranked seventh in the 63kg weight category nationally in Canada in a very competitive field. Since then, she has added 7kg in the snatch and a massive 11kg in the clean & jerk. When we asked her how she has made so much progress while already being at the top of her game, Kat replied “I’ve been trying to relax and have some fun with training. I don’t follow a specific program. I just lift.” Coupling that with some CrossFit on the side, Kat is undoubtedly seeing the results she wants. 

Up next, Kat is thinking about notching up one more comp before Australian Nationals in October. Then her sights will be firmly set on Canberra. As of right now, Kat is sitting comfortably in third place in the 64kg division in Australia, and will look to chase down Sarah Cochrane from Queensland for that number two spot.

A brand you may start to see a bit more of around the weightlifting scene is Married to My Macros. Kat and Ben started this nutrition company to “work to dispel and refute nutritional dogma and misleading marketing that plagues the health and fitness industry”and“to teach and educate our community on how to make informed decisions when it comes to nourishment & self-care.” 

Be sure to watch out for Kat at upcoming competitions. She has no trouble getting the crowd going for a big attempt, so make sure you get behind her as she works to bring back a medal for Victoria at Nationals.

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