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Breaking: Zac Grgurevic withdraws from Senior Nationals

by theweightliftingplatform

Zac Grgurevic has decided to withdraw from the 2019 AWF Senior Nationals due to a string of injuries he has been unable to overcome. 

“Speaking to the doctor last week to assess my options I’ve decided it’s not worth stepping out onto the national platform if I wasn’t able to put up a performance I was happy with,” Zac tells The Weightlifting Platform.

“It’s f***ing soul crushing.” 

The injuries have interrupted Zac’s training to the point where he simply does not feel ready to compete. This will be his second consecutive Nationals Zac has missed after not competing in the 2018 Nationals in Queensland.

Zac had a tough break in late 2017 at the Commonwealth Games trials. He missed his final jerk at 190kg jerk (after a heroic clean) to just miss out on making the Commonwealth Games team. We have not seen Zac back at top form since then.

Zac has had a lot of big life changes over the past year. His partner gave birth to a baby girl (Mila), while he has tried to manage his studies with training. Any athlete could use these circumstances as an excuse, but Zac says “having a baby is the best thing I’ve ever done for my weightlifting. It’s given me an opportunity to switch off from weightlifting and find that there’s more important things. This means I prioritise my time and training better.”

Zac’s withdrawal opens the field right up for the 102kg category. Zac had a stranglehold on this heavyweight division but now it’s left Luke Fulham, Russell Ludt and Jakob Daniels — who all sit within 8kg of each other on the start-list — to battle it out in Canberra.

Zac plans to make a big comeback next year and to step back out onto the international platform.

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