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LittleBloke Fitness Exclusive: The brother-sister duo about to take Australia by storm

by theweightliftingplatform

Helena MacDonald (16 years old, 59kg) and Conor MacDonald (15 years old, 73kg) have both been training for little over one year now at Controlled Chaos Weightlifting Club in Coburg.

Both have qualified for Youth and Under 15 Australian Nationals this year, and are ready to show the rest of Australia what they can do.

As of right now, Conor sits in the top-ranked spot in the Under 15, 73kg division and is primed to unleash at Nationals this weekend. 

Last weekend, at the Victorian Youth training day held at Hawthorn Weightlifting Club, Conor hit a 150kg back squat, which is over double bodyweight, and snatched well over the national record.

Helena is up against some stiff competition at Nationals this year with the formidable Maddison Power in her division. But after a good training cycle, Helena has a great chance to take home a medal.

Helena and Conor both share the same drive and passion but express it in such different ways. “I like weightlifting because I don’t worry about beating everyone else because you just try to beat yourself every time,” says Helena. “Where as I like beating everyone else,” Conor responds in the Behind The Platform interview recently released.

Conor has a great chance to qualify for his first Youth (Under 17) World Championships in 2020 at the age of just 15 years old — the qualifying total is within his grasp. After Helena’s massive 100kg back squat a couple weeks ago she will be pushing for a spot on the Australian team for an international comp early next year as well.

Keep an eye on these two. Their stars are only beginning to rise.

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