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RECAP & HIGHLIGHTS: Under 15 & Youth Nationals Day 2

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The 73kg boys were up bright and early for a 6.30am weigh-in before an 8.30am start. You could see in the warm-up room this had taken its toll on some of the competitors, and it took them a while to shake off the fatigue. Despite the weary eyes, these boys still put on an amazing show.

Conor MacDonald (15 years old, Vic) broke the U15 national snatch record on his second attempt at 84kg, and then came back and crushed 88kg to break it again. This was slightly under his training PB of 90kg, which he hit last week. 

Conor’s clean & jerks were just as strong. He opened with 105kg, missed his second attempt at 110kg, but then hit 110kg on his third to break his open U15 national clean & jerk, and total records. This performance was good enough to earn him a 260 sinclair score and best overall U15 male lifter.

Nelson Haris (NSW) is a big prospect for the future of Australian weightlifting. Each time he takes to the platform, excited whispers ripple throughout crowd: “He’s so strong.”

Nelson holds all the Australian records in the 73kg category. This year, his final year as a Youth competitor, he came out and destroyed the competition by breaking all of his own clean & jerk records after going 101/131 while making all six lifts. It will be interesting to see if Conor can come up and beat these records in the next couple of years.

Jarian Hogan (NSW, 76kg) had a very dominant performance in the girls’ comp, going 6/6 with 72/90 to finish a massive 27kg ahead of her closest competitor. Her 72kg snatch broke her own Australian record.

Even though the New Zealand lifters couldn’t reach the podium (they were guest lifters for the weekend), there was a great battle between Miniah Summerell (NZ) and Bronwyn Dunne (Qld) in the +87kg category. 

Bronwyn ended up the victor by 1kg after it all shook out. She tried to beat her own clean & jerk national record but came up short in the jerk. It was still a solid 5/6 performance and a great day for this young Queenslander.

The final boys’ sessions had a mix of 89kg lifters, 96kg, 102kg and +102kg.

Tyreese Cruz (Vic, 96kg) looked ready to go. Looking strong in the warm-up room, Tyreese broke his own snatch U15 Australian record on his second attempt with 88kg and then narrowly missed his third at 92kg.

In the clean & jerk, Tyreese went 2/3, breaking his own clean & jerk (114kg) and total (202kg) records to take the U15 win. Unfortunately, after celebrating his final attempt, his lift was overturned by the jury.

The final lifter to take the platform was the ever impressive Jaspa Hope. This Youth lifter is without a doubt one of the most impressive of the weekend. He won best overall U17 male and broke all the Youth records on his second attempts. At 115/145 Hope had the competition locked down, but he wouldn’t quit before trying a massive 150kg clean & jerk. He managed to grind out the clean but narrowly missed the jerk. But trust us when we say it won’t be long before he’s throwing 150kg up over his head.

It’s safe to say that the Australian Youth weightlifting is on the rise in both quantity and quality. Hopefully, the younger talent coming up through the ranks will build the sport to the levels it once enjoyed. 

A big thank you to Queensland Weightlifting and Cougar Weightlifting club for running an amazing event. Everything from the canteen to the warm up room, to the refurbished competition platform, was first class. If you have not been down to check this gym out, do so. It’s far and away one of the top clubs in Australia.

If you missed our recap and highlights from day one of the comp, you can check that out here.

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