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QLD squad Breakdown— 2019 AWF Senior Nationals

by theweightliftingplatform

Following some big achievements in 2018, Queensland is putting up another strong squad for this year’s Australian Senior Championships. The Sunshine State has 50 athletes Canberra-bound this year, many of whom are confidently eyeing off spots on the podium.

Queensland has an impressive record collecting team trophies, dominating the best male and best female team competitions in recent years. Queensland will be looking to defend these titles in 2019.

Queensland also has a record number of Masters athletes competing at Senior Nationals this year, with six of the squad sitting in the 35+ age bracket.

This year, dual Olympian Damon Kelly will be joining the Queensland coaching team.

Queenslanders to look out for…

There will be a tight battle for silver in the Women’s 55kg category between Queenslanders

Mary Barter and Alyce Stephenson, with 2018 Comm Games athlete Alyce moving up from her usual 49kg weight class for this competition.

In the Women’s 59kg category, Tokyo 2020 hopeful Erika Yamasaki is sure to impress on the platform, after posting some huge totals at this year’s Senior Worlds and Pacific Games + Oceania Commonwealth Champs.

2019 Senior Worlds athlete Sarah Cochrane in the women’s 64kg category will be one to look out for, after making notable progress since Nationals last year.

For Tessa Milton in the women’s 71kg category, the only way is up. She has made steady gains over the past year, putting her in good standing for a gold medal.

In the Women’s 76kg category, Ebony Gorincu will be one to watch. She’s coming in hot from the 2019 San Diego Open (an Olympic-qualifier event).

In the men’s 81kg category, all eyes will be on 2018 Comm Games athlete and Tokyo 2020 hopeful Brandon Wakeling, following impressive performances at this year’s Senior Worlds, Arafura Games, and Pacific Games + Oceania & Commonwealth Champs.

Also in the men’s 81kg category is up and coming lifter Chevy Sukkar, who has his eyes on the prize after making the switch from competitive CrossFit.

Watch out for a tight battle for gold between Matthew Lydement and Jackson Roberts-Young (NSW) in the Men’s 109kg category!

And in the supers, Jackson Solofa will bring the thunder. At 37, he shows no signs of slowing down, proving those QWA Masters are a tough bunch!

The 2019 Australian Senior Championships will be held at the Australian Institute of Sport in

Canberra, and the event will be live-streamed at https://www.awf.com.au/webcast.

Queensland team list


Yolandie WEIR (49kg)
Alyce STEPHENSON (55kg)
Mary BARTER (55kg)
Tara NOONAN (55kg)
Kaitlyn DUIGNAN (55kg)
Janaya NIKORA (55kg)
Erika YAMASAKI (59kg)
Jacinta CARROLL (59kg)
Emma KOBEZ (59kg)
Maddison POWER (59kg)
Alison CRANSTON (59kg)
Natalie SETIADJI (59kg)
Julie HIND (59kg)
Catherine SAVORY (59kg)
Marianna TOLLER (64kg)
Rhian ROUSSOS (64kg)
Sarah COCHRANE (64kg)
Penny TUDBERRY (64kg)
Amie COX (71kg)
Rachael ROBINSON (71kg)
Tessa MILTON (71kg)
Lydia OLSEN (71kg)
Courtney HALEY (71kg)
Leanne THOMAS (71kg)
Darcy KAY (71kg)
Adrienne KARNIEWICZ (76kg)
Ebony GORINCU (76kg)
Christine REID (76kg)
Cassie TODD (81kg)
Claire BINCH (81kg)
Chloe KERWICK (87kg)


Lynton HARGRAVE (61kg)
Blake ARMITAGE (67kg)
Matthew LOGOVIK (73kg)
Brandon WAKELING (81kg)
Chevy SUKKAR (81kg)
Rory SCOTT (81kg)
Keisuke HISASHI (89kg)
Zachary CLARK (89kg)
Liam SAXBY (89kg)
Braydan FENDER (96kg)
Michael DUNNE (96kg)
Jakob DANIELS (102kg)
Sotiri KARAGEORGIOU (102kg)
Matthew LYDEMENT (109kg)
Kelly WEATHERSTONE (109kg)
Lawson DINGLE (109kg)
Raido RUVEN (109kg)
Jackson SOLOFA (109kg+)

Team Manager — Jemma Cowper
Head Coach — Angela Wydall
Team Coaches — Greg Hobl and Miles Wydall
Assistant Coaches — Sonia Stenhouse and Damon Kelly

Written by: Tara Noonan

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