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2019 Nationals Day 2 Recap

by Bec Spink

Great start to the lifting on Day 1 of the National Championships. Emily Scott, Monika Endres and Yolandie Weir started strong in the F49 division. Congratulations to Emily Scott on the gold!

The F55 division was dominated by some strong QLD lifters. NSW lifter Lizzy Pugh, QLD May Barter & Alyce Stephenson along with VIC Natalia Chorobczyk made for an exciting session. 

Alyce made her first Snatch at 62kg, missed her second and put up an epic fight to hold on to her third but just couldn’t make it. Lizzy’s opening Snatch at 65kg looked strong, but she missed her second and third attempts also. A great performance by Mary going 4/6 to nail the bronze, clinched by Alyce coming back determined to make her last lift to secure the silver. 

Congratulations to Nat on the gold!

It was not a good day for Victoria’s Tony Sok in the M67 category, despite what looked like a strong lead up to competition, Tony was unable to make a Snatch, forfeiting himself from the competition.

Blake Armitage from QLD, a national record holder in the M61 category finished with a strong 5/6 performance in the M67 category today.

But it was western Australia’s Chris Moore who stole the show in the M67s breaking his own national Snatch record with 109kg and equaling his Clean and Jerk record at 130kg.

An exciting M73 session today at the 2019 Australian National Championships.

An amazing performance from James Delaney going 5/6 with to secure him the gold medal.

Nicholas Predkowski from NSW was a crowd pleaser going 6/6.

Joshua Wu from NSW didn’t have the day he wanted only going 3/6 but still able to lock up third place.

The F59 session did not disappoint.

Seen Lee dropped her entry total by 19kg going into today. She Snatched 70kg and hit a 88kg Clean and Jerk. Despite electing not to take her second and third lifts in either section, this 158kg total secured Seen the bronze medal.

Jacinta Carrol had a solid performance securing the silver medal with an outstanding 3/3 Snatch attempts.

Erika Yamasaki took home the gold today at the Australian National Championships in the F59 category. Erika went 3/6, opening her Snatches comfortably at 81kg and breaking her own national record on her second attempt at 85kg. She missed her third attempt at 87kg but was able to follow up with a 103kg Clean and Jerk for a total only 1kg below her best. Congratulations Erika

A tight M81 competition meant more missed lifts compared to the morning sessions with multiple athletes chasing a podium finish.

As we predicted there was more to Frank’s big drop in the start list, recovering from injury meant only 4 weeks of training and powering all his lifts. Despite this tumultuous lead up to Nationals, Frank was still able to secure the bronze in the M81 category. Congratulations Frank!

Jackson Howie secured silver with a 117kg Snatch on his first attempt. He missed 122kg his second and went up to 123kg for the third attempt but just couldn’t hang onto it after a tough fight in the catch. He came back on the Clean & Jerks to finish with 150kg.

What a performance by Chevy today, moving up in the ranks from fifteenth to first in the last year! He missed his opening Snatch at 123kg but came back to hit it on his second attempt and then looked stronger than ever on his third at 125kg. Finished with a 151kg Clean & Jerk securing him the gold!

Katrina Smith did not disappoint today, she opened with what looked like an easy 75kg Snatch and hit 81kg on her third attempt.

Kat’s Clean & Jerk opener at 93kg looked strong, she followed it up with a successful second attempt at 99kg but missed her third attempt at 104kg. An exciting performance for gold today!

Lynda Edwards secured the silver with successful Snatches at 68kg and 72kg before missing 75kg on her final attempt. Her Clean & Jerks followed a similar pattern, hitting 86kg, 89kg and missing 92kg on her final attempt.

Keely Barakatput in a solid performance to secure the bronze medal with a 73kg Snatch and an 87kg Clean & Jerk.

A highlight of the W64 sessions was young lifter Maddison Power going 5/6 with a 72kg Snatch and an 85kg Clean & Jerk.

Stay tuned for day two’s recap later in the week.

Written by: Bec Spink

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