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New competition software for the new era

by theweightliftingplatform

The Australian weightlifting landscape is changing — slowly, yes, but it is moving in the right direction.

The newer clubs — the for-profit clubs and the smaller clubs around Australia — haven’t had the ability to run professional looking competitions in the past due to a lack of resources, like adequate competition software. The Noonan software developed by Michael Noonan (who has just been inducted as a VWA life member for his incredible service to the sport) is fantastic for clubs like Hawthorn, where they have the hardware to fully implement that system.

Smaller clubs just don’t have the outlay to allow such a system to run effectively. The biggest benefit of a fully decked out system is the use of lights. Most small clubs are resigned to having to use handheld flags for their judges indicate their decisions.

The problem with the flag system is that if you have one experienced technical official (TO), which is typically the centre TO, the other two TOs can too easily look over and simply copy the centre TO’s decision. This does not make a competition fair, let alone remotely professional.

Enter the “OWLCMS4”.

The OWLCMS has been developed by International Cat 1 referee Jean-Francois Lamy from Canada. It is a modern, fast and easy-to-use software designed to run straight from your own computer. It allows you to use one computer to run an elaborate, multi-display, wireless system, which utilises your smartphone to run the TOs’ calls.

With this software, clubs are going to be able to run more professional competitions that have the same look and feel of a national-level competition.

And Pedro Sanchez, International Cat 1 TO, member of the AWF board and member of the International Technical Committee, has developed a way to transfer the exported competition results in such a way that the AWF can use them. 

A big win for small clubs all across Australia wanting to run their own local and now sanctioned competitions.

For more information and to get the macro (the conversion format) to be able to convert the information contact us at theweightliftingplatform@gmail.com.

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