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Amber Fielder comes out smiling at the Ian Laurie Cup

by theweightliftingplatform

The Ian Laurie Cup is one of weightlifting’s proudest traditions, attracting both interstate and international competitors. Even among such a diverse field, one of the standout performances was from a young Victorian. 

It’s safe to say that Amber Fielder did not have the year she would’ve liked. She started off strong by qualifying for the Oceania Youth Champs in March, but had a tough time on the platform once she got there. Still, Amber picked herself up and brushed herself off, determined to make a statement at Junior Nationals and then Youth Nationals. But again she fell crushingly short of her goals.

We spoke to Amber after the Ian Laurie Cup and she explained, “I have just been focusing on my health. That’s why I went up a couple of categories in body weight.” 

This has obviously paid off. Amber went 5/6 and made a PR on her total, with a 60kg snatch, 70kg clean & jerk, giving her a 130kg total.

“This is the first comp in a very long time where I’ve been able to eat breakfast and eat dinner the night before. I’m just eating normally. It’s quite a relief. There was no expectation for this comp at all,” Amber told The Weightlifting Platform

By removing the stress of cutting weight, Amber was able to enjoy the competition. In turn, she was able to really put on a show and finish the day happy and satisfied with her performance.

We hope to see Amber continue with this new mindset as she prepares for 2020.

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