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Taking The Platform And Leaving The Cut Behind You

by Katrina Borg

Katrina Smith // Married to My Macros

Sometimes everything goes your way. Sometimes… not so much. 

Sometimes the cut is pristine, goes exactly to plan, and the weigh-in goes off without a hitch. Other times you’re left sweating in the change room spitting into a Styrofoam cup with a bag of sour skittles. Ultimately it goes one of two ways: you either make weight or you don’t. So what do you do at the end of a long and stressful run when the cut was tough or didn’t go as planned?

  1. Re-hydrate

Regardless of whether you made weight or not, if you’re about to take the platform the priority needs to be on re-fuelling. Hydration is key here.  If you’ve been trying to make weight, chances are you’re dehydrated. 

We suggest re-hydrating with 1L coconut water followed by plain water. If you can’t stomach the coconut water, Gatorade mixed with water is another option. Sipping a litre over 45 minutes is a good start, after which you’ll want to switch to plain water through to competition time. Goal = 2L over 2 hours. 

Note: it is essential you consume electrolytes with at least one litre of your water during this time (salt tabs, electrolyte tabs, coconut water or Gatorade are all good options).

  1. Fuel up

Once you’ve started in on your hydration it’s time to fuel up. Carbs are king. As discussed in our previous articles, protein while important, provides no energy for the platform. Fats and fibre delay the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. But carbs – carbs are where it’s at. A mix of slow acting and fast acting carbs (i.e. oats or granola with fruit) will provide the energy you need to max out your lifts. Potassium can help regulate blood pressure and cellular messaging and is found in abundance in fruits, particularly banana, which as a bonus doesn’t ferment in your gut, giving you gut rot or acid stomach like apples, mangos and stone fruit will.

Salt and B12 can help decrease cramping, so popping a B vitamin or having a little bit of high-quality jerky is a great idea as well. Magnesium also does the job but can cause drowsiness so is best avoided in the post-weigh in period. 

  1. Head up, eyes forward

The work has been done. The cut is over. Put it behind you and have some fun. If you’re frustrated leave it out there on the platform. For everything that nutrition does (and it does a lot), adrenaline likes to rival it. Live in the moment. Experience the stage. Channel the energy of the room. Stop making excuses. Stop telling yourself “it wasn’t perfect.” Go hard, play with heart, and make every second of that cut worth it. Because there’s nothing worse than walking away feeling average about your performance because you mentally checked out. 

Questions about how to approach your personal nutrition? Check out marriedtomymacros.com or connect with a coach today!

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