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Top 5 teen lifters to watch in 2020: Number two, Ruby Carwardine and Nelson Harris

by theweightliftingplatform

Ruby Carwardine — WA, Junior, born 2002 (Pictured above)

Ruby came onto the scene in early 2018. Almost exactly one year later, she represented Australia at the IWF Youth World Champs. She now has four national titles to her name, including Junior and Under 23 National Champs in 2019 as a Youth.

To add to her list of successes in her very short career, Ruby also took home two silver medals at the 2019 Oceania and Commonwealth Champs.

This will be Ruby’s first year as a Junior but that will not stop her from continuing her dominance at the National Championships in 2020.

Ruby is still chasing that elusive 75kg snatch in competition , having attempted it four times without success. But 2020 will likely be the year she nails it. Expect a lot from Ruby as we watch her total increase.

Instagram: @Ruby.carwardine

BW: 71kg

Coach: Adrian Frankling

Club: Tempest Weightlifting

Nelson Harris — NSW, Junior, born 2002 

This will be Nelson’s first year in the Junior ranks, and he plans to use the transition as a strategic building year for his career. 

“I’m working on going up to the 81s as well as not doing any international comps this year. I’m just focusing on getting stronger with my main comp of the year being Junior Nationals,” Nelson tells TWP.

“I’m just going to chip away and get bigger numbers this year and, come 2021, really peak for the [Commonwealth Games] trials.”

Nelson is no rookie when it comes to the international platform. He competed in the Oceania Championships in 2018, IWF Youth World Champs and the Pacific Games in 2019 as a Youth lifter. 

Within 2019, Nelson increased his snatch from 86kg to 112kg and clean & jerk from 110kg to 137kg. He shows no sign of slowing down.  Watch out for Nelson at the Junior Nationals this year when he trys to bring home another gold medal to add to his collection

Instagram: @nicorette.quick.mist

BW: 73kg-81kg

Coach: Tory Smith

Club: Hunter Barbell Club

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