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Top 5 teen lifters to watch in 2020: Number 3 Jaspa Hope and Maddison Power

by theweightliftingplatform

Jaspa Hope — Qld, Junior, born 2002 (Pictured above)

A young prodigy from northern Queensland, Jaspa trains out of Whitsunday Weightlifting Club. He steadily climbed the ranks the last couple of years to finally become the No. 1 Youth lifter in the country in 2019. 

Unfortunately, Jaspa did not have the day he wanted at the 2019 IWF Youth World Champs, only making two lifts. But, from then on, he kept his nose to the grindstone and continued to increase his numbers throughout the year. 

His best performance came at the Youth Nationals. He smashed 115/145 for a massive 260kg total and the overall win.

“This year is a year to get a lot stronger and fix my technical side,” Jaspa told The Weightlifting Platform. Although he won’t compete in any international comps this year, Jaspa has a firm mindset and clear goals heading into 2020.

“This just means I get to do a lot longer and harder programs.” 

By the time 2021 rolls around, Jaspa will be hitting his stride in the Junior division and back out on the international platform.

You will see Jaspa at Junior Nationals in 2020, where he has a great chance to take home a medal. He’ll also compete at his first Senior Nationals, where he could cause an upset and sneak onto the podium if he plays his cards right.

Keep an eye on this kid as he continues to climb the ranks as a Junior.

Instagram: @Jaspahope

BW: 89kg

Coach: Leanne Knox

Club: Whitsunday Weightlifting Club

Maddison Power — Qld, Youth, born 2003

At the National level,Maddison doesn’t know too many spots on the podium other than 1st. She has taken home Nationals titles since 2016, and landed in second place a couple of times. 

Maddison competed at the highest level as a Youth lifter in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, before going on to lift at the 2019 IWF Youth World Champs. She also took home a gold in the Oceania Championships as well as a silver in the Commonwealth Champs in Samoa, 2019.

Power went up a weight category at the end of 2019, which pitted her against some tough competitors, though she managed to hold her own.

“At the start of the year I plan to stay as a 64 but as we get closer to Worlds I’m going to try to slowly get back down to 59s.”

“One of my goals is to podium at worlds so it would be easier if I could drop back down a weight category for that,” Power tells TWP.

Maddison has some stiff competition coming into 2020 but with arguably one of the best techniques in the sport and a rockstar team from Burleigh Barbell Club backing her, she’s ready to take on any and all competition. 

Instagram: @maddison_power

BW: 59kg-64kg

Coach: Callum Hannay

Club: Burleigh Barbell Club

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