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Top 5 teen lifters to watch in 2020: Number two Sabah Chamoun and Conor MacDonald

by theweightliftingplatform

Sabah Chamoun — NSW, Junior, born 2000 (Pictured above)

Sabah ended 2019 as the third-ranked Junior female in the country (on Sinclair), behind only Charisma Amoe-Tarrant and Eileen Cikamatana. 

Despite being only 16 years old, Sahab has a massive amount of experience on the international stage. She competed in the Pacific Games back in 2015 and then hit the international platform twice in 2016 as a Youth and Junior lifter. And she has been on the world stage every year since.

As young as she is, Sabah holds her own at the Senior level, placing second in the highly competitive 71kg division at the 2019 Senior Nationals. These types of performances bode well as she gets set to compete at Junior World Champs for the last time in 2020.

“I was thinking about World Uni [Championships] as well but that’s the same time as Senior Nationals, so I’ll have to think about that.”

Sabah has a great lifting mindset, even being as young as she is. She doesn’t allow the stress of competing to get to her. Sabah says “I don’t like to think about the numbers too much, whatever I do in competition, that’s it”.

Sabah is going to be unstoppable as she creeps closer to her physical prime. Is 2020 the year she can take that top spot on the national podium?

Instagram: @sabah.chamoun

BW: 64kg

Coach: George Chamoun

Club: Summer Hill Weightlifting

Conor MacDonald — Vic, Youth, born 2004

The new kid on the block. Conor had his first competition in late 2018 as an Under 15. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, putting up numbers like a 160kg back squat at 73kg bodyweight, snatching 95kg and clean & jerking 122kg.

Conor has his sights set on the Youth Oceania Championships and then on qualifying for the IWF Youth Worlds in his first year as a Youth lifter. 

All within one year of lifting, Conor won best overall Under 15 in the country at the Under 15 & Youth National Champs, as well as being selected to put on the Green and Gold for the first time at the Pacific Cup in New Caledonia in December last year.

His competitive spirit is through the roof. He wants nothing but first place.

Instagram: @conormac.04

BW: 73kg

Coach: Joshua Ward

Club: Controlled Chaos Weightlifting Club

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