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A big weekend of lifting

by theweightliftingplatform

The nation saw several big competitions over the weekend.

Queensland simultaneously held the 2020 Queensland Masters Championships, and the Oly in the Outback Open. The turnout was massive with 71 athletes arriving to compete.

One of the biggest lifts of the day was Jacob Daniels’ 126kg snatch, which broke the Queensland record in the 102kg weight class.

Although Chevy Sukkar, the 2019 National champ, wasn’t hitting anywhere near the weights we know he can, it was still great to see him back out on the platform in 2020 and also taking the best overall male lifter award. He told TWP a few weeks ago that he won’t be competing much this year, but he is training hard towards the 2020 Nationals to hold onto his title.

Diana Loy, Lesley Moyle, Rohan Cuffe, Ron Fraser, Stephen Johnstone all broke Masters National records as well. 

Meanwhile, on Australia’s other coast, Rev Barbell Club hosted the WA Junior, Under 23, and Masters Championships this weekend, using it as their final qualifier for the Junior and U23 National Champs. A solid 38 athletes turned out for this one.

Ruby Carwardinecame out and went 5/6 and finally hit that elusive 75kg snatch, which broke the WA Junior and U23 record. She went on to also break the WA records in the clean & jerk before attempting a 100kg clean & jerk. Unfortunately, she got pinned at the bottom of the clean on that one. Check out all of Ruby’s videos here.

The 2019 Junior National Champ Noah Russel also had a fantastic day. He broke the WA Youth, Junior and U23 record in the total with 170kg. This 16-year-old has an incredibly bright future so keep an eye out for him throughout 2020.

It’s safe to say Oliver Saxton did not have his best day out on the platform. He went 2/6 and nearly bombed in the snatch but just scraped through with 110kg. He made a 130kg clean & jerk before jumping right up to 140kg. Although a 2/6 is never great, a 110kg snatch and 130kg clean & jerk for a Youth is massive and it won’t be long before he hits that 140kg when it matters.

There was some confusion and controversy after Hawthorn cancelled the final Junior and U23 qualifying event of the year due to COVID-19. Thankfully, Phoenix Weightlifting club picked it up last minute. Phoenix scrambled to construct a brand new platform in just 24 hours in order to host the event. 

Easily the biggest lift of the day went to Tristan Prazeus from Phoenix. In a short five months, Tristan managed to add 15kg on his snatch to break his own Junior National record. He then went on to break the Junior National record in the clean & jerk and total as well. This should make every 109 in the country sit up and take notice. Tristan is the real deal.

Jacob Tout, a 14-year-old lifter out of Wolfe Den Crossfit, is on a rampage at the moment. In every competition he continues to break Under 15 national records — and Sunday was no exception. As a 67kg lifter, he snatched 80kg and clean & jerked 104kg to give him a 184kg total and national records all round.

Finally, Sabah Chamoun unfortunately missed out on competing at her final Junior World Champs due the travel restrictions but managed to have a phenomenal day at the NSW Junior and U23 Champs. She went 6/6, hitting 80kg in the snatch and a Junior National record in the clean & jerk with 105kg. It’s disappointing we didn’t get to see her out on the world stage once again but she will surely be out there again soon enough.

With so much great lifting over the weekend, it’s tough to keep up to date with everything. If you are interested in helping to make content for The Weightlifting Platform, please get in contact with us. We are always looking for more interstate contributors.

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