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Business systems that help onboard a new client

by theweightliftingplatform

Business systems that help onboard a new client – Owning a business means a lot of responsibility.

As you grow as a business so does the list of things to do. Things that were automatic can be forgotten due to the sheer number of members and the responsibilities you have. I am by no means perfect and even the below systems I mention need work and refining over time.

One thing I have learnt, every time I need to do something that needs to be done multiple times, I need to create a system. A system that explains the process and how best to complete it. One that is so simple that when handed to a new coach they understand it and how to do it to the best of their ability.

In today’s article, I will explain one simple system that is broken into two areas that are used during our onboarding process. This system starts once the athlete has completed their on-ramp sessions and they have just joined the class for the first time.

Before I get into them, I must first mention that business systems do not replace care. We as owners and coaches receive buy-in from athletes by showing them that we care about their progress. What I mean by this is, an automatic email does not show someone that you care. It is great but this system’s magic is the personal follow up from the owner or the coach as stated in part two of this system.

The system is as below.

  1. Automated emails in the first four weeks that go directly to the client. For us, they are:
    1. After session 1 – Welcome to the Tribe (video)
    2. After week 1 – What to expect after week 1 soreness etc (video)
    3. After Week 2 – How to fill out your training log (video)
    4. After Week 4 – Congratulate them on a month (video)
  2. Automated emails in the first 8 weeks that go directly to the coach. For us, they are:
    1. After week 1 – Reminder to call or voice message the athlete to see how they are feeling and perhaps grab them before class to teach them how to use a roller.
    2. After week 2 – Check in with the client to see if they received the email about a training log, if not explain why and how we use the log.
    3. After week 4 – Call the athlete to congratulate them on a month and ask to book them into a goal-setting session.
    4. After 8 weeks – Call or put in your calendar time before their next class to remind you to check in on them and how they are going with their goals.

Our goal in the first three months is to consolidate our time so that we can maximise our efficiency and allow us to show the athlete we care about their goals. If we did not have the above systems we would perform these at weird hours when we remember or not at all. This

would mean the business also starts to seep into our personal lives when we are spending time with family.

Writing solid business systems help you organise your week to maximise care. They help you organise specific times so that you can create yourself a business week where tasks are completed in order and help minimise the chance for the business to start taking over your life.

I hope this has helped turn over those cogs in your mind as to how you can create systems to help your business.

Chris from Iron Tribe.

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