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Who is David James?

by theweightliftingplatform

David came into this competition relatively unknown. A CrossFitter originally from NSW, he is now based in WA with two kids.

In 2013, David took up training at CrossFit Armadale while at Uni. It was there he caught the bug. David finished in 20th place at the Pacfic CrossFit Regional in 2018 before taking some time out from the gym altogether when he became a father.

“In 2016, I think it was the first time I snatched 150[kg] while I was just focusing on CrossFit. So that was pretty cool. I then made the decision I didn’t need to focus too much on the lifting at that stage,” David explains.

After week one of the competition we reached out to David to congratulate him on his 135kg snatch + hang snatch. His response was surprising to say the least.

“Cheers, surprised how good they were feeling this evening after sitting in a tractor all day.”

David is a farmer in WA and, depending on the season, will work 12- hours shifts. Due to this he is up at 4am to “throw a bit of tin around”. 

And then he came out in week three and hit that 150kg snatch. 

“I shocked myself at the start of the week with that 150kg snatch. It wasn’t expected. That was sort of my goal for the year but I did it in three and a bit months.”

David has always steered clear of official weightlifting comps but is putting plans in place to start focusing on weightlifting and, before long, we are sure we will see him out on the platform. With the numbers he put up during the competition (150/170) this would put him just shy of A grade and fifth overall in Australia, just behind fellow 96kg lifter Ridge Barredo. And these numbers went up after only three and a bit months of unstructured training.

As soon as this COVID-19 pandemic is over, you will be seeing much more of David around — likely wearing a Australian uniform on an international platform, really threatening to claim those top-ranked national spots. 

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