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The new 96 on the block

by theweightliftingplatform

David James, not a name, would have heard much of floating round the weightlifting world but as he’s set to compete in his first ever sanctioned competition he is sure to turn some heads.

Sitting comfortably in the top 96kg spot and best overall lifter at the 2019 AWF Nationals, Ridge is about to have some company and real competition in the weight class he has all but owned over the past couple of years. 

In 2016, David snatched 150kg for the first time while his sole focus was actually on CrossFit. He then recently snatched 150kg again in The Weightlifting Platform’s Online Comp at 5am before work and with only a few months of training.

Compare this to Ridge’s 150kg snatch that he only just recently achieved during isolation,and David appears to be  in a strong position  to nab that top spot..

However, while the snatches are on par, Ridge does look to have an advantage in the clean & jerk by a good 10kg or so, and he continues to look stronger by the day. So David will have his work cut out for him in this lift.

“This comp will be four weeks before the end of my current training phase so primarily the purpose is to gain some experience on the platform… If my coach is happy with it I’d definitely be keen to put enough on the bar to give ‘A’ Grade a tickle,” David explains to TWP.

This would not be a bad effort to lock in A grade after only one competition. But David has got the numbers for it.

On the subject of weight class, “We’ve committed to 96[kg],” David says. Although being quite light at the moment David is happy to put on a few kgs to fill in the weight class.

There’s no beating around the bush with that. 

Unless Ridge decides to move up (which he did for the Commonwealth Games in 2018), the best overall lifter from 2019 will have some real competition on his hands.

This one will be exciting to watch and follow and if Nationals goes ahead at the end of the year, the battle in the 96s could become an instant classic..

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