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All the results from NZ’s North and South Island postal

by theweightliftingplatform

New Zealand’s North and South Postal has wrapped up and results are out. Due to the North and South Island Champs being cancelled, this online competition replaced them as a qualifier for Nationals, as well providing an opportunity to crown the champs for the respective islands.

Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand (OWNZ) posted the top five men and women based on Sinclair points on their Facebook page last week with no real surprises at the top spots except for one: Cam McTaggart’s name not being in the mix due to a lingering knee injury.

It came as no surprise, however, that David Liti and Megan Gifford Topped the overall ranking in New Zealand as both are front-runners to qualify for the postponed Olympics.

Plus64 Weightlifting had a fantastic showing with three females and one male within the top five in the South Island. This club, which is based in Canterbury, is primarily a CrossFit gym, so it’s impressive how successfully it has challenged the top clubs in the country.

But with over 150 lifters competing in this online competition, the competition was tight and competitive was very well organised.

South Island (female):

  1. Emma Mclntyre — Otago Weightlifting
  2. Madeline Shelling — Plus64 Weightlifting Club
  3. Christina Jordan — Otago Weightlifting
  4. Georgia Capill — Plus64 Weightlifting Club
  5. Tayla Dewe — Plus64 Weightlifting Club

South Island (male):

  1. Andrius Barakauskaus — Christchurch City Weightlifting Club
  2. Robert Jordan — Otago Weightlifting
  3. Douglas Sekone-Fraser — Christchurch City Weightlifting Club
  4. Curran Power — Christchurch City Weightlifting Club
  5. Morgan Gibbons — Plus64 Weightlifting Club

It’s safe to say that the three clubs named on that list have a stranglehold over the other seven clubs in the south. 

North Island (female):

  1. Megan Gifford — Papatoetoe Olympic Weightlifting 
  2. Kanah Andrews-Nahu — Functional Strength Olympic
  3. Hayley Whiting — BOP Barbell
  4. Samantha Hansen — Nation Barbell Club
  5. Belinda Sidnam — Carbon Method

North Island (male):

  1. David Liti — Strength HQ
  2. Ehsan Bayati — Waitakere Olympic Weightlifting 
  3. Cam Urgert — PR Barbell
  4. Xavier Albert — BOP Barbell
  5. Gregory Bahler — Waterloo Barbell

With the north being more heavily populated with clubs, you can see a more diverse range of clubs represented.

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