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Matty goes big

by theweightliftingplatform

Matthew Lydement, the Queensland-based lifter who trains under the guidance of legend Damon Kelly, and who is arguably the best snatcher in the country, just increased his total (in training) by 10kg.

We saw Matty crush an Australian record to hit his 161kg snatch at the Australian Open earlier this year, but then only going on to hit a 182kg clean & jerk (which was nevertheless a PR lift). 

At Cougars Weightlifting Club last week, we saw Lydement crush 163/190 with his team cheering him on in the background. This total is 10kg up on the current Australian record and creeps closer to Jackson Roberts-Young’s clean & jerk record of 192kg.

“The plan going in [was to] compete next weekend in a Cougars Club Comp so [I] just continued the peak,” Matty tells The Weightlifting Platform.

“The plan after that will be to work through to Nationals so hopefully I can bring the shield back to Queensland and take it off of Ridge and Jacko’s hands,” Lydement continues, keeping up the good-humoured banter and rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales.

Matty made a late Olympic run at the end of 2019 and start of 2020, which ended up putting him in a good position before the lockdown hit and the Olympics were postponed. 

Seeing Matty hit these weights gives Australia great hope that we could be sending another male to the Olympic Games next year.

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