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First Cougars hitout post-lockdown

by theweightliftingplatform

As the country starts to relax restrictions (well, everywhere except Victoria), competitions have started taking place pretty much as soon as they could.

This weekend, Cougars Weightlifting Club in Brisbane is holding its first post-lockdown competition. And, in classic Cougars fashion, there are some big names pulling on the boots and brushing off the cobwebs.

With four jam-packed sessions throughout the day, each will offer an entertaining contest.

Obviously the final two sessions are where most of the big hitters will be concentrated. In the third session:

  • Olivia Kelly — winner of TWP Online Comp
  • Darcy Kay — fifth place at 2019 Nationals (71kg)
  • Ebony Gorincu — 2019 Nationals Champ (71kg)

We chatted with Ebony about her plan for this Saturday.

“Training has been going pretty well and the body is feeling good, no niggles or anything like that.. to be honest, this comp just happened to be at the end of my training cycle so seemed like a good opportunity to have a hit out under comp conditions.

Also with Covid still lurking in other states, I thought it would be a good time to compete for no other reason than just because we can! There is a chance that covid can come back up to Queensland and we get shut down again. So just an good opportunity to get some numbers on the board.

I guess one other thing really, is with how hectic our schedule for Olympic qual events was pre-covid.. it’ll be nice to get out and compete again, with no pressure and no real focus on numbers – just get out and throw some weight around”. Says Ebony

This is just to name a few. There will be  many other exciting lifters, and this will be a great session to watch.

This will only be Olivia’s second official competition, but after winning the The Weightlifting Platform’s online competition, she has gone on to hit some big numbers and is sure to put on a show.

The final session of the day has so many big hitters we’re already excited.

There is:

  • Brandon Wakeling — Olympic contender 
  • Beau Garrett — 2018 National Champ
  • Joel Gregson — 2019 National bronze medalist 
  • Josh Sargent — a young superstar on the rise
  • Matthew Lydement — Olympic contender 

“The plan for the comp is just to have some fun stepping back on the comp platform after a good break from competing and some great training throughout the year so far. Whether this translates to some PB numbers on the board this weekend isn’t a must as it isn’t an international competition (where Oceania/Commonwealth records broken will be invalid), but I do want to start to edge closer to hopefully getting that ‘Elite’ grade total at some point in the not too distant future.” Brandon Wakeling explains

It’s going to be exciting to see Beau back out on the platform after not seeing him since he took bronze at the Arafura Games in 2019. It’s always exciting to watch Joel and Beau go head to head, as they are both high-level 89s.

Matthew had a great lead-up into this competition. He hit PRs on both his snatch and clean & jerk in training last week. Will we get to see him officially break some more records and chase down Jackon Roberts-Young’s 192kg clean & jerk? Check back in with us next week for all the competition results and analysis.

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