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Aussie weightlifters come out of iso stronger than ever

by theweightliftingplatform

It was a massive weekend of weightlifting across the country, especially in Queensland where multiple competitions were held. Cougars in Brisbane undoubtedly stole the show with National records being broken left, right and centre. 

Ebony Gorincu had a fantastic day going 5/6 with a 2kg total PR. She wasn’t peaking for this comp, so Ebony went out for a bit of fun and ended up with 1kg off the National 76kg record for total. She also cleaned 2kg over the clean & jerk record but, unfortunately, missed the jerk.

Ebony will now start to peak for state champs as Nationals is not guaranteed to go ahead at the end of the year.

In the 73kg weight category, Brandon Wakeling had the comp of his life: a 127kg snatch and 175kg clean & jerk gave him an Elite grade total, the first Australian male in these new weight categories to do this. He continues to show why he’s the best male lifter in the country and deserves a spot at the Olympics. 

Brandon finished the weekend with:

  • A 12kg PR total.
  • A national record in the snatch, clean & jerk and total.
  • The unofficial Oceania clean & jerk and total record.
  • The unofficial Commonwealth clean & jerk record.

Brandon nearly bombed on his snatch only seven months prior in Doha with 114kg. This goes to show how demanding the Olympic qualification process was last year and how much time off competing to focus on training really can help an athlete progress.

Ryley Porter was another athlete that benefited from the time in isolation. Porter came out and broke his own snatch national record by 1kg to hit 143kg. He also equalled his best — and the national record — in the clean & jerk with 162kg. 

Ryley is moving up the ranks slowly but surely, and is a real threat heading into Nationals at the end of the year and the next Commonwealth Games cycle.

If you followed our Instagram throughout the day you would have seen Matthew Lydement taking you through his game day routine and answering all your questions.

One week earlier, Matty snatched and clean & jerked 163/190 in training, which were massive PRs and an unofficial national record in the snatch. Australia’s king of snatches didn’t quite reach those numbers on the weekend but still did what he does best and broke the snatch national record and unofficial Oceania record by 1kg — 162/183. This gave him a total national record of 345kg, making a strong claim for the 109kg Olympic spot.

Cougars weren’t the only Queensland club to hold a competition, nor their athletes the only ones to come out of isolation hitting PRs.

Out at Burleigh Barbell club, young Maddison Power continues to quietly dominate. At 17 years old, Power snatched 75kg and clean & jerked 95kg which gave her a 5kg total PR. With these lifts, Power broke national Youth records in the snatch, clean & jerk and total, and put a stamp on her future saying Maddison Power is back and stronger than ever. Shifting up to the 71kg category, Power has a lot of potential to continue breaking records. 

One of our favourite lifters is 17-year-old Eli “The Bull” Frew. Eli had a hitout with the team on the Sunshine Coast this weekend. Eli crushed a massive 6/6 performance finishing with a 31kg snatch and a 39kg clean & jerk. This was Eli’s second competition ever and, with a 23kg total PR, training has obviously been going well. 

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