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Lifters in NSW enjoy their first post-lockdown competition

by theweightliftingplatform

New South Wales saw its first post-lockdown competition on Sunday. Due to restrictions, this was a no-spectator event. But with the livestream on Facebook, anyone could tune in from across the country.

The big lifter that most were excited to see was Jackson Roberts-Young. The 109 often goes toe-to-toe with Matthew Lydement from Queensland, and with both lifters competing on the same weekend (in different competitions) it was a great opportunity to see how each was tracking.

Jackson came out and missed his first snatch attempt at 144kg. Still, he decided to move up to 145kg anyway. Unfortunately, he missed the next two lifts and bombed out of the competition. Not the day Jackson would have wanted, but these things happen. 

Deacon Mercieca, at 14 years old and 55kg, is a kid that you need to watch out for if you haven’t heard the name already. Deacon lifts for Shred Fitness and is sure to make waves in years to come.

Deacon was a standout lifter on the day, hitting national U15 records in both the snatch and clean & jerk, which gave him an U15 national record as well. The effortless style of lifting this kid displays on the platform shows us he has tremendous capacity for growth and improvement. 

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