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Lifters to watch at Queensland’s Under 15 & Youth Champs

by theweightliftingplatform

Queensland organisers have released their preliminary start-list for their Under 15 and Youth Championships coming up on the 15th-16th of August. 

Today, we breakdown the who’s who on that list, and highlight some of the great young lifters you should watch.

Top of the list would have to be Tori Gallegos, 64kg powerhouse out of Toowoomba Weightlifting Club. Tori is undoubtedly the favourite for best overall lifter on the female side. Tori has listed a low entry total of 157kg, but we expect to see her lift a lot more than that on the day. Only late last month Tori totaled a massive 176kg, including a 100kg clean & jerk — a Youth national record.

Close behind, and always pushing Tori, is Maddison Power. This Youth Olympian is sure to be in the running for best overall female lifter. In the past year, we have seen Maddison move up two weight categories, and she continues to thrive. Power last month put an easy 5kg on her best total, and it looked like she had still more in the tank.

Lily Strange is a name you may not have heard of but this young 59kg lifter out of North Brisbane is set to take home a gold. She has only been competing for just under two years but is destined for great things.

On the male side of the competition you can’t go past Josh Sargeant, coached by the legend Damon Kelly. In 2019, Josh finished third at Youth Nationals and was on top of the podium at States. He will be looking to repeat this in 2020.

Harper Manz out of Burleigh Barbell Club looks like he will have the 67s all but locked up if all goes to plan. With a 166kg entry total — 8kg more than the closest competitor — Harper looks promising to bring home the gold. The fight for second and third could be a thriller. Lachlan Lumb and Luke Bidgood are only 6kg apart on the start-list, with Lachlan having the slight advantage. Keep your eyes on this contest.

Any lifter with the surname Solofa is an automatic must-watch. Jax Solofa, 2018 Nationals champ, 2020 Nationals runner-up and owner of Ipswich Weightlifting Club has two sons lifting on the weekend and neither can ever be counted out. The youngest competitor in the field, Lawson Solofa, 7 years old, will be competing in the Under 13 category, and Tashaun Solofa will be in the 102+ Under 15s and Youth. 

As always, this will be a great competition to watch and if you can’t get down because of the ticket restrictions Queensland is enforcing, you will still be able to check it out online.

Photo Credit to AWF.com.au

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