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Youth World Champs to be held online

by theweightliftingplatform

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has decided to move the Youth World Championships online. This ensures up and coming athletes will still be able to compete for their respective countries in 2020.

The three athletes representing Australia are:

  • Oliver Saxton
  • Tori Gallegos
  • Maddison Power

For all three of these athletes, this will be their last year competing as youths.

The news the competition would indeed be held this year, albeit in a different format, came as a surprise to many lifters.

“I was expecting it to be cancelled. It’s a bit upsetting [that it won’t be held in-person] but what can you do? As with every comp I’ll just listen to Greg and work with him to prepare,” Tori told The Weightlifting Platform

Tori has continued to increase her lifts over the last few competitions, and has a great shot to step onto the podium in 2020. 

Maddison shares Tori’s disappointment but remains optimistic about her progress.

“Being my last year as a youth lifter it is pretty disappointing that [the in-person competition] has been called off,” Maddison said. “I feel very lucky that I was able to get that experience last year and we had made some big goals to build on those 2019 results.” 

“We did expect that it was going to be called off pretty early on with all the COVID stuff happening around the world so we have just been focusing more on building into next year as a Junior and testing out a few different options in the comps we have remaining to see where my strength lies. I would be keen to participate in the online World Cup and hope that it might be an option before the end of the year”. 

As we would expect, competitions around the world will continue to be altered and adapted to suit the new “COVID normal”. On the plus side, the IWF seems to be doing a solid job of evolving our sport to accommodate the current challenges we are all facing.

Stay tuned to The Weightlifting Platform all the stats as we get closer to the competition. 

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