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Jackson’s redemption, plus the officially Elite Fatima Yakubu

by theweightliftingplatform

New South Wales ran a great comp on the weekend with a few of the state’s big lifters out to play. If the performances of the weekend are anything to go by, NSW is doing a great job of building its team to be able to hold onto the National Shield.

The youngest male lifter in the comp, Deacon Mercieca, had another fantastic day. Deacon is fast gaining a reputation for going 6/6. In fact, this young lifter has only missed 10 lifts throughout his 17 competitions since 2017.

On the female side we have seen a new name appearing on the podium in the past few comps. Fatima Yakubu (59kg, under 23) put up a whopping 199kg total, which broke all the AWF records in her weight class and gave her Elite-grade status.

Fatima competed for Nigeria at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the 53kg weight class when she was just 20 years old. Since then, she has only become stronger and more powerful. 

Jacob Marquardt put together a great day going 6/6, adding 9kg to his PR total which moved him up to B grade.

Joshua Wu stepped back out onto the platform for the first time since the Australian Open in February and had a solid day — 4/6. He equaled his best total while adding 1kg to his snatch. 

And Jackson Roberts-Young, although he only hit 3/6, did what he had to to secure an A-grade spot, which gives the AWF another paid weightlifter on the books. 

Jackson snatched 150kg, which was a 3kg PR. Then, for his third clean & jerk attempt, he asked for 200kg on the bar for the first time ever in a comp. In the actual attempt, the clean was there but his jerk was slightly off. Breaking through the elusive 200kg barrier will have to wait for another day.

Still, Jackson is one of the strongest lifters in the country and now he has that A-grade status to prove it. 

Later this year we will see these lifters and more at the state champs. We can’t wait to see what the team from NSW delivers next time.

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