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NZ high school champs announced

by theweightliftingplatform

After a long wait for some, the results are in and the podiums are full. New Zealand’s Secondary School Championships were divided into four separate in-person competitions to align with COVID safety measures. 

However, the Auckland portion of the competition was delayed due to another short lockdown in that region. All the results were top secret until Auckland completed its portion, but that was held on the weekend so now the results are up.

Before we dive into the results, if you didn’t get to see the live stream of the competition, it’s worth checking out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ixrBc5FvVQ to see how amazingly professional the coverage was. Of course, with Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand (OWNZ) partnering with a broadcast team like Sky Sport you’d expect nothing less. This kind of high quality, accessible coverage is a real treat for fans.

Winners and grinners

There were a few standout athletes from the weekend so we will start with the male side of the comp.

Johan Roberts out of Cashmere High School in Christchurch took the top overall spot with a massive Sinclair score of 281.30. He lifted an 89kg snatch and a 127kg clean & jerk. These numbers seem to be a bit on the low side for the talented 73kg lifter as we have seen him lift 102kg and 135kg, respectively, in training since. He did just enough to hold onto first place with   out of Rotorua Boys High School finishing only 0.01 Sinclair points behind Johan. 

Patrick Sefo-Cloughley from Otago Boys High School took third place with a 110kg snatch and 143kg clean & jerk. 

Olivia McFarland out of Sancta Maria College stole the show scoring the biggest Sinclair score out of all the females — and at just 14 years old. At 64kg body weight, Oliva snatched 72kg and clean & jerked 89kg. These numbers set 10 new Under 15 and Youth records and also unofficially broke the junior records as well but because of her age she’s too young to hold these.

In the over 15 age category, two girls out of the same school fought for the top spot. Shelby Wells (59kg) took the best overall lifter in the over 15s while Miniah Summerell (81kg+) settled for second place. 

Next up on the New Zealand schedule is Junior and Senior Nationals on the 13th-15th of November. This is where we will get to see some of the best lifters from around the country and Oceania take to the platform in another live and in-person competition.

Photo by Opaque NZ

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