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Samoa holds strong, and the stars align for Australia

by theweightliftingplatform

Round four of OWF League is in the books. In our reader poll, 53% of you voted for New Zealand to take the W over the formidable Samoans. The poll was tight, but the actual comp results? Not so much.

Samoa knew it was an important week and that they needed to show up and lift big. And that’s exactly what they did. The Samoans put on a clinic with Don Opeloge leading the charge as usual. Don hit his biggest lifts yet at 177/215 to total 392kg. He was followed by the always impressive Sanele Mao with 176/222 for 398kg. 

It’s tough to compete against a force in which all of the men bar one lifts over a 300kg total. Plus, the female side of the team had a great bodyweight range among its lifters, which always helps when adding up the aggregate scores.

To their credit, the New Zealanders put up a good fight. But the Samoan team is simply unbeatable right now.

A curious round for the Aussies

After watching a few big lifts from Eileen Cikamatana and Matthew Lydement, we were expecting Australia to have their biggest week yet. However, based purely on the raw numbers, it was in fact Australia’s worst week in the comp. In saying this, we need to put the numbers in context. Australia still scored a massive 2309.76kg, which was actually the second highest total of any team this round. 

The stars aligned for Australia in other ways, too. The Aussies needed a relatively strong performance to bump them up the leaderboard, which they managed to achieve. As well, they needed New Zealand to lose, and for Nauru to win. All of this also happened. So fate was on the Aussies’ side this time around, launching the team back into second place overall. 

Around Oceania

Prior to this round, Kiribati was on a roll. However, neither David Katoatau nor his little brother Ruben lifted anywhere near their potential, and this made a big difference to the result. On top of that, the female team didn’t have a single athlete older than 17, further eroding Kiribati’s chances.

Nancy Abouke and Ezekiel Moses continue to lead the way for team Nauru, consistently putting up amazing numbers. They look to be a real and growing  force for Nauru.

The two lightweight teams in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea went head to head. With only 3kg separating them on combined bodyweight (881.8kg and 884.1kg respectively), this would come down purely to their lifts.

In the end, the experience of the four-time Olympian Dika Toua and Papua New Guinea shone through as PNG stole victory by the smallest of margins, winning by 83kg. 

The next round of the OWF League is on October 30th. Be sure to catch all the analysis and action right here.

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