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AWF Online Comp is Underway – $1600 prize money up for grabs

by theweightliftingplatform

The AWF Online Cup is underway and with no NSW lifters competing, and the Queenslanders just wrapping up their top event of the year, the field is wide open.

The AWF has put up a great incentive for athletes to participate in this event with a $1600 prize purse: $500 for the winners and $200 and $100 for second and third place. The overall winners will be decided by the highest percentage of Elite Grade so, with this in mind, predicting the overall winners are pretty straight forward on the male side; David James is by far the front-runner. On the female side, however, it could get a little interesting.

Sarah Cochrane v Kiana Elliott

We have a classic battle with Sarah Cochane up against Kiana Elliott in the 64s. Kiana would normally have the upper hand but has put in a lower entry total than Sarah. We very rarely see Kiana going heavy in an event like this where there isn’t too much at stake in terms of future opportunities. 

Kiana has been hitting 80kg-85kg snatches and 110kg clean & jerks in training and smaller comps over the last couple months. We haven’t seen much more than that, so it’s highly unlikely that she will suddenly come out and crush a 100kg snatch like earlier in 2020.

Charisma Amoe-Tarrant is another athlete that you need to keep an eye on for that top spot. Indeed, she’s our pick to take home the $500. Charisma had an outstanding day at the Queensland Senior Champs, going 6/6 and showing why she deserves her Elite Grade status.

All the way with WA

Western Australia is undoubtedly the state leading the way in terms of momentum and development of their younger athletes. With two great leaders in David James and Tara Pratt, WA is going to be a tough team to beat.

Bryce Knight is straight back into it after a stunning performance at Queensland Senior Champs a couple weeks ago. He managed to edge out some great competition in the most stacked weight class of the comp to take third place. That was only his third competition and he doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon.

An interesting match-up is in the final female session of the week. Tara Pratt up against Bailey Rogers.

Tara has been lifting some fantastic weights and has been leading the way for the WA team on the national scene. But she sits second to Bailey Rogers on the start-list. Bailey is a two-time Commonwealth Games competitor for New Zealand who finished seventh and fourth in 2014 and 2018, respectively. It’s safe to say she has experience on her side.

It’s great to see a bunch of Victorian lifters coming out of the woodwork for this competition too, as the COVID lockdown has obviously hit them hardest. It will be interesting to see how, as a state, they bounce back after this year’s setbacks.

The AWF Online Cup runs from November 2 until November 6.

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