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The highs and lows of NSW State Champs

by theweightliftingplatform

Over the past month, there has been some top-notch weightlifting going on around Oceania. But with gyms reopening in Victoria, the staff at The Weightlifting Platform have had to refocus on local athletes before looking back out to the wider region. So we’re sorry if we’ve missed anything important happening near you. But we’re trying our very best to catch up now.


Eileen keeps it quiet

New South Wales had an outstanding State Championships. Many of the state’s top lifters outdid themselves.

The two big names we (and a lot of other people) were hanging out to watch were Eileen Cikamatana and Fatima Yakubu. 

Eileen is undoubtedly one of the most exciting lifters to watch in Australia at the moment. It seemed as though this was not her day to go big though. Her 5/6 performance showed good consistency across the board. She only missed her final snatch at 113kg. 

But all her attempts were significantly lower than her best lifts. In saying this, she has continued her run of making an elite total every single comp she has competed in.

Fatima is still very new to the Australian weightlifting scene, having migrated from Nigeria. But nonetheless she is an incredible lifter and seems to keep improving her numbers since she arrived.

Yakubu moved up a weight class from her regular 59s to the 64s and increased her total by 3kg hitting 90/112. This is an interesting decision to have moved up to the 64s and we will have to wait and see if she stays there as it’s the most competitive female weight class in Australia. This class already has two females shooting for the Olympics in Kiana Elliot and Sarah Cochrane. Both Kiana and Sarah have Elite-grade totals now after Sarah exhibited some great lifting in Queensland last weekend.

Sabah Chamoun is a super talented young lifter coming through the ranks but unfortunately for her, she did not have the day she was after. Missing her first two snatches did not set her up well for the clean & jerks and then only going on to hit her opening clean & jerk attempt meant a 2/6 performance for Sabah. She hasn’t gone 2/6 or hit a total this low since mid-2018 at the IWF Junior World Champs.

Walking the talk

If you follow weightlifting in Australia, you will know that the NSW males side of the competition love a bit of banter with other states. They talk a big game. Sometimes it doesn’t pay off but, for most part this weekend, it did.

The biggest talker of the lot, Ridge Barredo, reclaimed his spot as the top 96kg lifter in the country after David James from WA burst onto the scene this year and threatened to finish the year as number one. We love sitting back watching the banter go back and forth but we love when a lifter crushes an important competition even more.

Ridge went 148/185 for a 333kg total.

Joshua Wu finished in the gold medal spot in the 81s after a fanatic snatch performance going 3/3 and hitting 122kg which was a massive 4kg PR. The clean & jerks did not go his way though. 

He began with his heaviest opener to date, suggesting he was in good form. But things quickly went downhill, as he missed 157kg and 160kg. He finished the comp with a 273kg total for the third comp in a row.

Jacob Marquardt must have been doing something right throughout lockdown as he put 9kg onto his total in September and then another massive 10kg at state champs.

Jacob now sits very comfortably in the top spot in the country for the 102s and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. He is on the cusp of that sought-after A-grade and if he continues to go the way he has been going he’ll add the 6kg he needs and we will have another A grade lifter in the ranks.

There are so many other highlights to recap as well, the battle between Nelson Harris and Haiyang Zhang in the 73s, and Jess Sewastenko taking out her first ever state champs but there were definitely some low lights as well.

Jackson Roberts-Young took another bomb, the second in three comps after attempting 145kg, 145kg and 151kg in the snatch but missing all of them. Another tough day in the office but we know he’ll be hungry to get back out there and redeem himself early next year.

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