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Big money up for grabs at OWF Online Cup

by theweightliftingplatform

Following the OWF League Tournament, which wasn’t broadcast in any way, weightlifting fans lobbied the OWF to run a live online competition so that they could spectate. 

Full credit must go to the OWF team as they have answered the call. The OWF ran an online competition that not only included some of the top lifters in the region but which also included an enormous prize purse to really encourage athletes to give it their all.

The OWF Cup Online Tournament was held across the weekend of December 4-5. There was AUD$4000 for the winner of both the male and female divisions with $3000, $2000, $1000 and $500 for those that finished second through fifth. 

While such sums pale in comparison to some sports, for a non-professional athlete this is a significant sum to help them in their journey to becoming a full-time weightlifter.

Now for the results.

On the female side two of Australia’s best took home the $7000 between them, taking out first and second place. Eileen Cikamatana again crushed the field and left everyone in her dust. At the moment, she is easily the most dominant weightlifter in this hemisphere.

Eileen put 1kg on her best clean & jerk hitting 156kg and creeping ever closer to that Senior world record of 164kg. This put her 1kg under her best total and she was the only female to break 300 Sinclair points.

Kiana Elliott sat comfortably in second place hitting 95/112. This put her 7kg under her best ever total that she hit at the Australian Open earlier this year.

It wouldn’t be an OWF comp if the Samoan team didn’t have a good showing. The team had four lifters within the top five across both the male and female divisions. 

Third place female — Leotina Kolotita Sive Petelo

Fourth place female — Luniarra Sipaia

First place male — Senele Mao

Second place male — Don Opeloge

A total of $10,000 headed over to Samoa as a result of these efforts.

It’s not often you see Don in second place but Senele Mao managed to edge Don out by only four Sinclair points.

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