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OWF League: can the Kiwis steal third from Nauru?

by theweightliftingplatform

With seven rounds down and two to go, the OWF League is, in some ways, shaping up pretty much as expected. But there is still some drama left to unfold.

Samoa sits in the top spot by a landslide with Australia in second. While first and second have all but been locked up, the race for third is on a knife edge. Nauru and New Zealand are battling it out on aggregate score — they both sit on seventeen points.

New Zealand is in fourth place at the moment and has a solid chance to overtake Nauru in the final two rounds, given the Kiwis will be coming up against much lower ranked teams: Pacific 2 and Kiribati. 

At the same time, Nauru has a much tougher path in the final stages, matching up with Samoa in a couple weeks.

Cash is cash

We’re still seeing a lot of shuffling lower down the leaderboard each round. And just because these teams aren’t in the frame for a podium finish, that doesn’t make them dead-rubber match-ups — there are still thousands of dollars at stake. 

Pacific 1, Papua New Guinea and Kiribati all sit on 13 points overall. This coming round, Papua New Guinea will go toe to toe with Kiribati, which will be a great and evenly poised battle this late in the tournament.

What could have been for the Kiwis…

In round six, we saw some incredible numbers posted when New Zealand took on Australia. That fight really brought out the best in the two countries. 

David Liti had an outstanding day totaling 414kg. Unfortunately for New Zealand, the rest of the team couldn’t quite match Liti’s output, and they fell just short of Australia. 

Australia had a slight advantage in that the OWF League happened the same weekend as the New South Wales State Champs, which meant the majority of the male team had peaked to post some great numbers at a live, in-person competition. 

With only 60kg separating the two teams in the end, who knows what could have happened if they’d met in an actual live comp.

Keep an eye out for all the action coming up in the final two rounds.

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