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Who’s on track for some big lifting at Oceania Champs? (Plus an OWF League update)

by theweightliftingplatform

The results are in for round eight of the OWF League and, as we get to the end stages of this competition, the results are shaking out more or less as expected.

Samoa has a commanding lead over the rest of the field as Australia and New Zealand fight for second and third place. But with only one round to go, most spots are pretty much set in stone.

There were a few stand-out performances from this round, but nothing more impressive than Eileen Cikamatana hitting a 121kg snatch, which is creeping closer and closer to the world record.

Eileen seems to be hitting the 115-120+ mark more and more which is extremely exciting. Watch this space.

Erika on the rise

Erika Yamasaki looks to be back in great form, too. She hit an 80kg snatch and a 100kg clean & jerk. 

We also saw Erika hit a 95kg clean & jerk triple in training the other day. She’s in the zone for sure right now.

 As the Olympics draws closer, there’s no doubt Erika will be pushing some big numbers.

The next time we will get to see all of these lifters go head to head (live and in person) will be the all-important Oceania Champs in mid April.

This event will contribute to their Robi Point scores to qualify for the Olympics. 

Wherefore art thou, Brandon?

Brandon Wakeling looks like he’s gone back into hiding. We can only assume he’s working hard and will eventually re-emerge like he did at Queensland States to crush some big weight.

Ridge Barredeo is back into the swing of training after what looked like a big party period. 

Meanwhile, David James continues to look relentless with his training in WA. 

This year’s Oceania Champs will be one to watch.

Of course, with the impact of COVID-19 and travel restrictions still bringing uncertainty around the globe, 2021 looks like it might be as much of a rollercoaster of a year as 2020. 

So we all just need to sit back, keep lifting and see how everything plays out. 

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